Is It Possible To Register Your Dog As An ESA Online?


What Is An Emotional Support Animal?


An emotional support animal is a loyal friend who helps you to cope with depression and anxiety. Dogs are assumed to be the best emotional support animals as they can sense the moods of their owners and provide comfort to them. Emotional support animals are not trained as service dogs, therefore, they’re not allowed to go everywhere with their owners.

If you’re looking for more information regarding ESA letter rules and registration, then this article is for you. 


What Is An ESA Letter?


Although pets are not allowed in no-pets housing. But under the federal law of the Fair Housing Act, people with mental or physical disabilities are allowed to live in even in no-pet policies but they’ll be asked to show an emotional support animal letter as proof of their mental illness. This letter explains that their ESA is a part of their treatment and it should be with them to help them sustain the symptoms of their disability. 


The same thing happens when you want to fly with your emotional support animal. Most of the airlines have prohibited animals on aeroplanes considering the facts and inconvenience caused by animals. So in order to take your emotional support dog to the plane, you should go through the online pets policy section of the airlines and should make sure that they allow ESAs.


If they are permitting the ESA then you need to produce an emotional support animal letter. Without an emotional support dog letter, you can not claim your dog as your ESA. 


How To Register Your Dog As An ESA?


There is nothing problematic, you just have to visit your legal mental health professional and can ask him to register your dog as your emotional support animal. 


Are There Any Conditions For Registering Your Dog As An ESA?


Emotional support animals are not for everyone and so is the letter. Doctors prescribe ESA to people who undergo depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychiatric conditions. Therefore, the ESA letter is only issued to people who meet the requirements under the civil rights law of the American with Disabilities Act. 


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits any kind of discrimination on the basis of disability either mental or physical that affects the quality of life. 


In light of this law, doctors suggest emotional support animals and issue ESA letters to people who fall under medical mental or physical conditions. And if you think that you do meet the criteria then you should visit your LMHP (legal mental health professional).

Can You Register Your Dog As ESA Online?


There are a number of online companies that provide emotional support animal letters. The procedure is simple and easy. When you open the website, you’ll be asked to fill a form. This form is an assessment by the company in order to check whether you meet the criteria of getting the esa letter online or not.


Once they find you eligible, their customer support agent gets back to you and book you an appointment with one of their legal mental health professionals. As you know that only the LMHP can prescribe you the registered ESA letter. 


You can also ask the company to provide you with an emotional support letter sample before actually applying for it. This will help you to understand what the letter states and you need to make sure that is this what you were looking for or you need some other format. Once you’ll be clear with all the doubts, you can order your ESA letter by paying online. 

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